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About Us Moman Fitness

At Moman Fitness, we are truly committed to helping each one of our clients experience a healthier way of life. Through innovative fitness and lifestyle programs, our friendly fitness professionals will inspire and support you in your commitment to enhancing the quality of your life. We offer a clean, safe and motivating environment. At Moman Fitness, our members’ success is our success!

Moman Fitness offers open gym time, a wide range of group fitness classes as well as personal and small group training.

Amanda Moman

First Aid, CPR, AED Certified

I became a personal trainer because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.  I’ve always held a strong passion for fitness, and with my husband’s support and motivation, I turned my passion into my profession. I believe that anyone can benefit from exercise – young and old alike.

My responsibility as a Certified Personal Trainer is to help inspire and support my clients in reaching their personal goals while also providing them with the tools they need to live a healthy and happy life.

I enjoy incorporating TRX, kettle bell and plyometric training to create a dynamic and functional workout.


Christian Vega
First Aid, CPR, AED Certified


Although my childhood involved a decent amount of play and activity, I started to gain weight when I graduated from High School. I needed to find an outlet fast or I was going to have major health problems in the near future. It was then that I discovered the benefit of an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and found my passion in fitness.

Over the years, I've changed my life and seek to help others change theirs.


Ryan Buckner

I've always been passionate about fitness, but the concept of fitness has changed over the years for me. I originally was exposed to a "bodybuilding" style of lifting weights and I utilized this method until I attended Kent State University. Once there, I was introduced to a more up-tempo and diverse training approach while wrestling at the collegiate level. After graduating, I wondered into a CrossFit gym and became addicted to the ever-changing programming and intensity. Now, I love to incorporate elements of all the training types I have experience with. This love for personal fitness has transformed into another passion of mine, which is coaching. I pride myself on delivering top notch coaching through appropriate programming, encouragement and attentive feedback. For myself, it's incredibly rewarding to see progression in people who are striving for improvement.


Collete Gillingham


I am a Personal Trainer certified by the NASM, my desire is to work with women and seniors and help them meet their goals. I will create workout programs to correct any imbalances and help you get to your end goal!

I have personally lost 130lbs in just 2 short years. If you're looking for the one on one attention I'd love you help!